Dreaming in an Orange Sky – House Kombucha

Dreaming in an Orange Sky

It's spookier than Halloween lately, and if you read the headlines, the media will magnify conflict and failings and magnify this eerie feeling. In reality, the world is not upside down. Every day people are doing an amazing job adjusting and arising to the needs of our day. 
My employees have suffered a deep loss in their family due to Covid19 yet they show up in their work with a purpose without fail. I have neither words nor hugs to express my gratitude toward them. 
Sales have slowed down compared to previous years but we know organic healthy food is essential.  Beyond that, our jobs are essential. To dream a dream and hold it even when nothing else holds up is carve a path through the unknown.  In the words of  Rhuhiyyih Khanum, "To walk where there is no path, To breathe where there is no air, To see where there is no light- This is Faith."
I still see other entrepreneurs launching their dreams in the midst of all of this uncertainty every day. 
Shout out to MudLab in Oakland!
MudLab opened in the midst of the pandemic to manifest the zero-waste grocery cafe dream. Located at the former Perch Cafe location, Mudlab is the new home of the House Kombucha kegerator. Try 4 unique flavors on tap and bring a container to refill!  Also check them out for some organic zero-waste groceries (maple syrup, honey, tamari, oil, etc.) and great coffee and cafe goodies.
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Shout out to our home delivery customers! Over half our orders are repeat orders so we are launching a Subscription Deal for repeat customers.  10% off entire order for customers that order 1xweek, 5% discount for twice a month deliveries, and 2% off for once a month delivery.  If you are a customer who buys once a month but more than 1 case at a time we can get you in on the 5-10% discount as well depending on your regular order size.  Please fill out the form out here and start saving money (and our jobs ;) today!
House Kombucha Delivered!
You can also get House Kombucha delivered from our great partners

I want to also acknowledge not just the workers, essential workers holding this world together, and the dreamers banking on there always being a tomorrow, but also some special people, the volunteers who are arising to serve without pay, expectation, or dream of anything but to be of service.  The freezer we donated to E-Fam Essential Food and Medicine is still being used to store donated produce to make healthy smoothies and fresh juice for the unsheltered who need strength and nutrition more than ever during this climate.  

Volunteer Nick of Berkeley Free Clinic picked up a tote to use to bring fresh water to unsheltered communities today.
I am also working with the Berkeley Free Clinic to donate totes and containers that they will use to bring water to encampments to help keep people hydrated and clean. What could be more important than offering water to the thirsty?  One of the original names I considered for my company when first starting was Living Waters Kombucha because it is truly alive drink and inspired by this prayer that Baha'is may say every day. It kind of helps me remember the cosmic station we inhabit in our universe and the endless source to which we are connected.
Make my prayer O my God
a fountain of living waters
whereby I may live as long as Thy sovereignty endureth
and may make mention of Thee 
in every world of Thy worlds.
Rana Lehmer-Chang
Owner/Founder, House Kombucha