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What happened to People's Cafe kombucha taproom? / Belladi Lamb Experience tix

In 2019 House Kombucha partnered with the People's Cafe in Berkeley to be House Kombucha's official taproom.  Collaborating with People's Cafe was fun and exciting.  The cafe was always busy and I was inspired by the Yemeni family that owned the cafe.  I connected to their traditional dishes that they truly loved.  However theses were not regularly offered to customers due to the lack of a proper hood in the cafe. When Covid hit we almost breathed a sigh of relief because it forced us to re-think our purpose.
Our official restaurant is Belladi Kitchen is set to break ground this year in the beautiful Modera Apartment building (378 Embarcadero West) in Jack London Square.  Belladi means "my country" and signifies fresh from the farm, home cooked quality and feelings.  We are super excited to combine the talent of our Egyptian chef and our Yemeni family to offer the rare and delicious dishes that has never been offered before in Oakland.  Most people here have never tried Yemeni food.  There is no fast food in Yemen so the people are very sensitive to quality cooking and give their whole lives around the planning and preparation of food.
Now is a great time to share this hidden cuisine with the greater world.  Oakland is home to many wonderful Yemeni immigrants who are ready to showcase their culture in a way that can create opportunity for family back home who have been suffering under the conditions of war for nearly a decade. 
While our official restaurant menu is still in its draft stages we want to share an example of the cooking and hospitality we aim to offer.  We are currently open to catering events and large to-go orders (25 people minimum)
We are also offering our first private dinner to introduce people to our signature dish, lamb mandi.  Please check it out and share with friends.

Belladi Lamb Experience
Belladi is a new Yemeni gourmet kitchen. 
The featured dish is fresh, local, young lamb. 
Welcome with afternoon Yemeni Coffee
Guests will learn the history of the original coffee which was grown in Yemen over 1000 years ago and experience the roasting and de-husking of home roasted coffee.
Kibdeh: liver sauteed with spices and chillis served on bread
Saltah: clay pot vegetable and egg soup with fenugreek foam
Lamb Mandi: roasted lamb served on rice simmered in lamb broth. Served with fresh salads and homemade sauces.
Sabiyah, hand made layered Yemeni delicacy served with honey and Saman, a delicious caramelized ghee. 
Hot spiced chai.
The Lamb Experience will be set in a spacious backyard in Oakland near Lake Merritt.



House Kombucha parterned with People's Cafe as its kombucha tap-room.  The cafe shut down during the pandemic and has re-grouped as Belladi which is Arabic for "My country".  While our Jack London Square restaurant is under construction we are focusing on catering and educational tasting dinners to raise awareness of Yemeni culture and the spiritual import of sacrifice.


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